Demo 2014

by Animal Planet

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released November 20, 2014

Recorded by Chaz Tick, Mastered by Will Killingsworth, Cover art by Will Chapman



all rights reserved


Animal Planet Virginia

VA HC Punk 2013-2015

All releases available from Ten Feet Tall Records

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Track Name: Runts
Put all your options
on your life’s plate and it spills in your lap

keep on trying
first try lying then try crying

shit, maybe you’re just weak
tell me how you’re feeling this week

endless fighting
endless lying endless crying

you grew up as family runt
now you’re big boss man cunt
each day I make you dead in my head
some day I’ll quit and spend the week in bed
always late to dig my grave
give me a break give me a raise
Track Name: Brilliant
Regret retained
making you weak
fall out the front door
feign to compete

yeah you’ve done it all
the bullshit and chemicals
tried every exit
loop maze, you’re in it

smiled for
others’ conceit

more retainment
destructively meek
stare through barriers
I will compete
when you were young
you tried it all
nothing seemed fair at all
pleasure ache relief
money hole you seek

so many different assholes
which one are you
Track Name: Sunny Sunday
Bad day

Let your outside
show your inside
make them throw up on you
prove no one can handle truth

go eat shit
tell me about it

it’s never time to go
it’s never time to do

regress, take a nap
and regress again
destructive self conditioning
Track Name: Life of My Own
Major fuck up
clears the air
move on to
different nowhere
I don’t care how
take me out
planned obsolescence
this week I won’t function